No Stress Just Checks Shirt - Black
  • No Stress Just Checks Shirt - Black
  • No Stress Just Checks Shirt - Black

No Stress Just Checks Shirt - Black

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Stay stress free and in your bag with this exclusive t-shirt.

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Born abroad on January 23, 1996 in Sulzbach, Germany, Cimone’s life has involved being around a variety of cultures due to being born to a military family. Her newfound love for music started in her family’s hometown of Huntsville, AL in 2010 with a group of middle school classmates who impacted her choice to take music seriously. Mostly creating only rap songs and freestyles, it wasn’t until her freshman year of college in California until she decided to officially become professional. Her talents have led her to being welcomed on the radio, gaining nods from the well respected TeamBackpack, and in the graces of Bone Thugs n Harmony and their successors Bloodline Harmony. Her latest project, State of Mind, earned her recognition in 15+ countries. Currently, she delves into a style that flows between hip hop and soul. This year, Cimone is set to release another EP, this time through her brand Unaccompanied Minds and start a regional tour through the Southern states of the US.

Cimone is on a mission to revolutionize women's presence in Hip Hop. Following the influential footsteps of the great women before her, she plans to inspire other women and young girls with a talent of lyricism and musical creation to awaken the greatness within themselves and share their passion with the community, nation, and world. Her songs can pinpoint any emotion her listener may feel as if she has lived the same life as them thus creating a connection with those who come across her melodies. With an astounding style of lyricism, Cimone's presence will swell into the hearts, minds, and music players of those who enjoy auditory gratification.

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